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  1. pooeater22


    Version mk -1


    Stop throwing lame pipe bombs, and throw cool torpedoes. too bad they despawn after being in the air for 3 seconds. i can't really control that. i'd also like to change the blast size on that thing, but my monkey brain can't figure it out. if you wanna install it move the files into teardown/data/vox and select "replace all files in this destination"
  2. im using throwable moons and they don't reach their target because they blow up and instantly despawn. is there a way to fix that?
  3. cheeky... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/786771932329541644/798037990383419422/unknown.png
    this has everything i ever wanted in TD sandbox. just one more thing to do: a vehicle spawner.
  4. 297 downloads

    An improvised grenade manufactured by Samsung that explodes and spews shrapnel everywhere. FEATURES: weak but lightweight design allows for long range throwing waterproof at any depth rose gold is the only available color scheme it's pretty big new battery that gets super hot and explodes you sometimes get hit in the head with flying samsungs Stylus not included please samsung dont send cease and desist letters in my email
    The frames are tanking, but it was worth it nuking the marina!
  5. pooeater22

    M65 Bomb

    Version -0.9


    Are you tired of throwing explosive sticks? Why not throw highly-explosive bombs? Replaces the pipe bomb with an M65 Bomb. Simply put the vox file and tool folder into your Teardown/data folder and its installed! (Note that the bombs can also be a bit wonky, so take caution while throwing.)
    problem with installing the thing, the game crashes when i load it. (I followed your instructions)
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