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Airstrike Tool by My Cresta

- This should work with other mods you have installed. If you need help you can message me here or on discord: My Cresta#4859
- Will not work with the speedrun mod and for obvious reasons
- And will also automatically display in the main menu all custom levels you have in create folder.
- Remember the options menu is available only on a level when you press TAB
- Click once to drop 1 bomb and click, hold and drag to create a line which will be bombed.


How to install:

  1. Extract the content of Airstrike Tool.rar into Teardown install folder next to teardown.exe.
  2. Run hook_modloader.bat ONCE.
  3. Game is now ready to be played.


- It uses the same skin as the gun vox since we cannot have our own voxels for them yet.

- The options menu is accessed by pressing TAB to open the map view only while in game on a level.

- If you install othermods after this one, just run the bat file again to install this mod on top if you want to use both.

- If you add more custom maps in the create folder, run the bat file again to make sure they show up in main menu.

Credits to the creator of this awsome mod framework Thomasims!
Check out the framework here: https://github.com/Thomasims/TeardownUMF
I also want to give a special thanks to the awsome Rubikow ❤️ 

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Updated description

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4 minutes ago, I HAVE NAME said:

Ok yeah that worked thank you i would change my review but it wont let me

Alright, np, im glad it is working for you now 🙂

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i can't see the download, even though its "broken" (i have your weapons pack and all of the weapons work) can you still have the download? even if it doesn't work, someone could probably make it work.

Edited by Weirdplop
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