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  1. Version 2021.04.10


    Gradstone Valley mini-golf! Welcome to the playing field! I made this golf course-style map to test out many different things. Includes memes, jokes and odd/funny vehicles to play with. It's fully destructible, so go wild! Get it on the Steam Workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2432819801 Warning: -large filesize (~250mb unzipped) -higher-end PC recommended -dust buster mod recommended -physics gun mod and gravity gun mod recommended *Work in progress! Please read the Changelog often to see what's been
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  2. Rip i just realized that it's already on there
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  3. Version 1.5.1


    The White House CANCELLED For unorthodox propaganda, concepts, and ideation. listing to be removed soon
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  4. Version 2021.04.09


    Place "NGNT Nuclear Facility" folder in "/common/teardown/mods/" Major improvements added - you can now press the "Play" button agan! EXTREME PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS You can find this map on the Steam Workshop once again! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2414368811 It is strongly recommended to use Teardown [experimental] build with this map. There is no guarantee that this map will work on the stable build. Okay thanks continue with description below ☢️Welcome to the NGNT Nuclear Facility☢️
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  5. Version 1.0.2


    RUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Это карта русского провинциального городка от Blueray19#9684 и IceCreamGamer Если хотите поддержать деньгами:https://www.donationalerts.com/r/blueray_19 Группа в вк, там все последние новости:https://vk.com/club201693148 Я рекомендую вам играть на 0.5.5! (Ccылка на скачивание 0.5.5:teardowngame.tk) ENG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is russian map from Blueray19#9684 and IceCreamGamer If you want to support us with
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    A simple coffee mug
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  7. Version 1.0.0


    (THIS IS JUST A MODEL NOT A WORKING CAR) Feel free to use this car model in anyway but just give me a tiny bit of credit 😉
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    This mod allows you to place a point on any dynamic object in the world that will pull up on it. There is a option to use either a sprite or just a small blue cross. Feel free to change the sprite to whatever you want. Hope you enjoy! Controls i: create a balloon point on a object r and t: change strength of your last placed balloon. rmb: Increase the rate of change when changing strength of balloon z: delete balloon last placed
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  9. I should probably mention that in the description lol
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    This is good if you like Russian maps. I like Russian maps.
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  10. Version 3.0.1


    Prefabs of almost all the vehicles from the game that you can copy to any map. Some models are original made by the developers of the game (with no editions), others are recreations made by me.
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  11. Don't worry chief it's not ugly. It looks somewhat plain but for what I'm assuming is a beginner model there's nothing wrong with it. Voxel art can take some getting used to so don't worry about not being super good at it right away
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    don't download crashes at loading
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    very good map not gonna lie
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    very good with the map that is used
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  12. very nice i love your maps
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  13. me: loads THIS my 2009 PC: *nuclear bomb sounds*
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  14. Can you add this map to the steam workshop?
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  16. Version 1.0.2


    This map is broken as of Teardown build 0.6, which disabled physics on all scaled voxels. I may "fix" it by making the voxels normal scale and having low-detail ragdolls similar to those in the crash test dummies mod, but there is no timeline for this. This is a map with a few 1:1 scale ragdoll humans that have internals. They are based on kszabi98's ragdoll giant humans (many thanks!) and scaled down by half in MagicaVoxel and then scaled down again to 0.3 voxel size in Teardown. I also made a few changes to their proportions, joint flexibility and added a new spine joint to try to get t
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  17. Version 1.0.0


    No More Flashbang Mod does EXACTLY what the title says. This removes the annoying white tuxedo labs screen and takes you directly into the menu. No more at night blindness! \Install: Place splash.lua in the teardown directory and replace the one there. (Default C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Teardown\data\ui) If you have Teardown on a separate drive, right click teardown in steam library>manage>browse local files. Directory should be then data\ui. Replace splash.lua. Backup also included. Enjoy.
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  18. Version 1.3.1


    Small Minecraft Village Map! This is a fully destructable map inspired by minecraft! Stuff included: - Blacksmith - Church - Several houses - Several Farms - Trees and Grass - Doors - Torches - Chests with loot I do plan on adding more to this village and expanding it over time! 1:1 Scale! This content is not permitted to be re-uploaded to any other site without permission
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  19. Version 1.0.0


    pretty simple, because it is my first time using magicavoxel ok idk what else to say for those that dont know how to install: 1. get to your teardown folder 2. go to data, then vox, then tools 3. make sure to copy whats in that folder so you can get rid of my bad reskin pack 4. open the zip and put in what you want for bomb and pipebomb, make sure to replace the 2 vox files outside the tools folder badabing bam pow you are done
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  20. Version 1.0.5 (New House!)


    This is my second map that im still working on. If you are asking where is the first one? (It's gone, i deleted it) NOTE! Not all vehicles were made by me. I have a lot of plans for the map that will be coming later some of them are: Rally track around the map, more houses, more details and map expansion If it's your first try installing it go to your mods folder and drop it in.
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  21. Version 1.0.0


    Honestly, I want the community to get more engaged in building races or rallies. So here is my free asset pack, and feel free to use them in your maps without giving me credit and no permission or attribution needed 🙂 Adding them to maps are much easier than you think, follow this tutorial by @Jbeam: just add the .vox files to your main folder and follow this tutorial 🙂
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  23. There should be a vehicle upstairs in the dealri ship so you can jump from the top window and a maybe a ramp this update is so good I wish I could change my rating
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