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SirCode's Cheats Mod - A simple fiddler and cheat menu 7.0

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About This File

As of Friday the 19th, February 2021, this mod will NO LONGER be updated on this site.

Same thing goes for the version on NexusMods

Its going to be living on the Steam Workshop later on, as all my mods eventually will.

all downloads on this page will still be available, and as of posting, the menu is fully functional still, even in 0.6.0. I will update this mod description one more time with a link to the mod on the steam workshop after its out of beta.

This project was a little creation of mine that's entire goal was to create a working Cheat menu using the new modloader, without modifying ANY of the default scripts of the game.
What I mean is, this entire script runs within the modloader's options.lua and main.lua
It doesn't replace any of the game's default scripts, which means its compatible with any other mod.
It also doesn't replace any default assets of any kind. Its a completely compatible standalone mod.
I know only 2 cheats work right now, but getting cheats to work without modifying default scripts is DIFFICULT alright?
Currently it supports these cheats:

  • Infinite Mission Time
    • Just makes the timer on every mission super long so its essentially infinite.
  • Infinite Ammo 
    • Whatever weapon you're holding will just have infinite ammo, just like sandbox mode. Simple as that.
  • Infinite Health
    • Literally in the name, refills the health as you take damage. Nearly impossible to die unless you spam hundreds of bombs per frame (Like using click explode hack for example)
  • NoClip Flight / Static Camera Flight
    • Allows you to fly around the world without being affected by boundaries or forces and gravity.
  • Vehicle Boost / Fly
    • Configurable speed and the controls are located inside of the mod options.
    • Basically acts like a rocket engine attached to the car.
  • Player Boost / Fly 
    • Same as vehicle boost, but with more air control.
    • You can easily accidentally fall through the world or send yourself to enormously high heights with this
  • Temporarily Unlock All Tools 
    • Just gives you all weapons. It automatically gives you the weapons when you reload the current world / enter a new world
  • Velocity Burst  / Blow Away Stuff Hack
    • Small Parts will be sent everywhere destroying everything... so prepare for lag.
    • If you dont have a decent processor, this hack will kind of suck to use..
    • This can destroy entire maps if used in the right way
  • Debug Info
    • This is a small mod that I've included as an extra option because its useful in development
    • I left it in as an optional cheat option because some people also want it.
    • It essentially just draws a line to where your facing, and draws a cross where it hit.
    • It logs all the information on the top left ingame.
  • Click Fire / Fire Wand
    • I've made the tool that activates it customizable. (I recommend using the spraycan)
  • Click Explode / Bomb Wand
    • This can crash the game, as such I've made the tool that activates it customizable.
    • I also added a button to toggle paint mode (So you have to spam or click for each individual bomb, rather than painting a line of explosives)
    • You can use this tool to literally delete chunks of the world.
    • You can delete anything... Even if its indestructible or outside of the map.
  • Click Destroy / #OBLITERATE
    • This CAN and WILL crash your game if used incorrectly... This hack sets any object it touches as a massive explosive, as such, it can be used to utterly destroy and obliterate any building / vehicle or object in the game. Its essentially Click Explode on Steroids.
    • Uses a small exploit in the game's engine to set an object explosive and blow it up.
    • This has NO LIMITATIONS on the Explosive Power (Soon to be fully customizable)
    • Currently locked it at power 10 while I'm working on the mod (For reference, the max explosion size is normally 4)
    • If the object you clicked does not blow up immediately, then shoot it. It essentially turns objects into explosives.
  • Ray Cutter / Line Cutter
    • This is a small mod that allows you to use Very Precise cutting by cutting holes exactly where youre looking. Perfect for leveling a forest or cutting off a roof.
  • Epic Ingame Menu
    • You can enable this through the normal options
    • Allows you to configure and change the settings of all the cheats within the game.
    • Hit Enter ingame to open it.


  1. Extract the zip file and drag the "SirCodesCheatsMod" folder into your teardown savegame directory -> Teardown \ Mods \ SirCodesCheatsMod \ (Mod Files)
    • Some zip extractors put the content into a second folder
  2. Make sure there is not 2 folders. Only 1 with the mod files in it. IMPORTANT

This mod was created to work on versions 0.5.4 and above


However it should still work with UMF 0.5.1 and above


Edited by MisterSirCode

What's New in Version 7.0   See changelog


Fixed some issues with the menu

Updated some things so they could work with 0.5.4

Added the Ray Cutter (like a line cutter / beam cutter for precise cutting)

Fixed the Unlock All Tools hack


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i think maybe just change it to a different key, because the up arrow is already used by default teardown so it only just makes you move forward

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i've always wanted a mod with the ability to grab anything and carry it no matter the weight, can you add that? it would be so fun

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On 1/4/2021 at 7:27 PM, xfreakazoidx said:

The obliterate one only seems to blow up the middle of the map no matter where I point. Did I do something wrong?

I'm having the same problem actually. Used it on the campaign home base and it seemed to work, and then used it in fustrum and it's exploding something off in the distance.  

Edit: It's working on a modded map. I wonder if there's a mod conflict. I am using other mods.


Edited by MxMagic
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