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  1. MyCresta


    Cool sound, i might use it for my M4A1.
  2. 1. 0.4.6 is NOT the latest version of Teardown. 2. Why do you pirate games? 🤔
  3. Try removing the old UMF stuff and all my old weapon mods, then verify the game files through steam, then re-add my weapon mods and try again.
  4. Are you on the experimental version of Teardown? If you can enable them in the mod menu then i can't see any other reason for them not to work.
  5. Hi, because of the the tools work, you cannot reach my custom weapons from pressing the number keys, they need to be scrolled to with mouse wheel, or the similar function for controllers. Hope it helps.
  6. Hmm, this is a new one for me. Did you put each of the weapon folders separately in the documents/teardown/mods folder? Do you see "Unofficial Modding Framework" in the built-in section?
  7. Hi, that is because you are using another mod that is also affecting the tools. If you are using Sir Codes Cheats Mod, then turn off unlimited ammo and that should solve it. If it's another mod doing it then disable that mod.
  8. I really love that you put in the effort to make almost every prop on your map dynamic from the start! My black hole just eats everything, thats how i managed to clean up everything and without too much lag even 😄
    Just incredible! Also, i cleaned my room after i was done playing.
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