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  2. I apologize but I have a question. Every other mod I've installed has had instructions and I am a bit confused on what to do with the mod file.
  3. Currently optimizing Fernway. So far, it's a lot less laggy. 👌

    Calling it "Malou's first map" is a weird flex, but the map itself is astonishing! deserves all 5 stars!
  4. SuperLouBEar

    Dig Site

    Can you make a new version
    i cant use laser only shot like normal gun
  5. Thanks! It's going to be a lively area. The people in the apartments now have quick access to all the necessities!
  6. could someone tell me how to download a map or send i link i know the basic's but not sure how to download it.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Lovely new update, the grocery shop is a nice touch and I cant wait to see what that area will become :D
  9. Done - I did it by modelling the flag, as opposed to loading it in as an image, let me know what you think
  10. JazBurr

    Every Vehicle Map

    This mod isn't working with new modloader. How do I make it work?
  11. Will you add the american flag on the roof in the centre?
  12. To use the weapons you need to install and enable the Armed Vehicle Framework mod: Don't forget to set Vertical Sync to Every frame in the settings.
  13. okoko

    Sport car

    Version 1.0.0


    1. download the file. 2. replace the file with the sportscar.vox file in any map folder that has a sportscar.vox file in it that's in your mod folder. 3. start up teardown and go to mods. 4. join the vehicle map. 5. Have fun!
    How do i download this mod?
  14. Version 1.0.0


    РУССКИЙ Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Особенности: Качественная модель Светятся фары и габаритные огни при торможении Как установить: 1. Открываете папку карты, на которую хотите добавить машину 2. Копируете файл "skyline.vox" в папку main 3. Открываете скачанный с моделью код (.xml), копируете ВСЁ (!) 4. Открываете код карты (main.xml), вставляете код машины перед надписью «boundary» 5. СОХРАНЯЕТЕ КОД(!!!!!!) 6. Приятной игры! ENGLISH Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Features: High-quality model The headlights and parking
  15. teardown_7XWd2rV7cV.thumb.png.1720b13bea439468ca69d32a5b474f9c.png

    I have a couple things in mind for expansion of Fernway...

  16. Version 1.1.0


    Its 1941 and Germany is preparing attack on Soviet Union,but they needed a weapon that not only destroy russian tanks but also to be immoral to them.Thats when MB44 shined with his thick armor and 440mm HE Track loaded gun that was able to shoot giant sheels and to load them quickly thanks to track loading system. MB44 crushing wall: Destroyed tank factory in Kiev 1942: Rare picture of turret interior: Limited driver view for less chance of enemys shell hitting the hatch: Instalation(most read): Install AVF: Put all folder from MB44.zip i
    Great Mod - the only thing is the esc key no longer gives you the menu options I think so you have to shut the game down manually to change maps...just wondering if you had any idea what to change to sort this?
    Me: Breaks most of the city The baseplate: Now it's time to get funky
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