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  2. Other Title: Rally SUV Other Other Title: SUV-Rally-Edition
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  4. Uh this isn't a map, this is a mod for performance
  5. Hi, no I don't. I only have one with the installer!
  6. Narwhalito

    Creative mod

    I just realized, you can go to the github and go to releases for the teardownumf and you can install the release from December and it has the hook modloader file
  7. Narwhalito

    Creative mod

    I had the same problem, can't find the hook_modloader.bat file
  8. ViroGamer

    Fernway Hub

    first version 3 months ago? it feels like a long time when it first came out.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Press Enter to turn yourself into a gravitational singularity, sucking things up from the direction you're facing! Press Enter again to deactivate. Press CTRL+P to open/close the mod's quick menu. This mod acts like the Dust Buster mod, but it is not a tool. This means you can use whichever tool you'd like while objects are being sucked up. New Repel Mode: Does the opposite of Singularity Mode. Access it from the quick menu! To install: Extract the folder from the .rar into documents/teardown/mods.
  10. К сожалению, я пока что не знаю как это сделать, но в будущем попытаюсь убрать тени на карте полностью, также сделать настройки, чтоб можно было вкл/выкл свет на карте, сделать день или ночь, вкл/выкл дождь и тд, но lua я не знаю, а учить его, у меня времени нету вообще
  11. can you install this without buying the game on steam pls i want to play it
  12. Earlier
    ey, nice map but, can you add trains in it?
  13. In the map editor, set the tag "explosive=" to an object with a number after the equals sign (without the quotes). The higher the number, the bigger the explosion when the object is damaged.
  14. Do you have a version w/o the installer? (Or just the sounds)
  15. Jbeam

    A simple coffee mug

    Here is it! my coffee! finally! thank you🙏😂
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Created 3 Giant Mammoths To Destroy Enjoy ☺️ -RTXMods
  17. MK22

    Russian Town UFO

    Would really see UFO bit stronger, shooting faster (ammo and rockets). Having 2 UFO 👀 But great mod 😊
  18. Hello Teardown modders does anyone know how to make a bomb in a map💣💥
  19. Version 1.0.0


    (THIS IS JUST A MODEL NOT A WORKING CAR) Feel free to use this car model in anyway but just give me a tiny bit of credit 😉
  20. it doesn't work i cant get it to download properly
  21. Dawkeye

    Russian map beta

    Спасибо за совет, всё запустилось! Карта очень красивая) Только над оптимизацией карты надо еще работать надо, сам Teardown еле запустился)
  22. Dawkeye

    Russian map beta

    Хорошо, щас попробую)
  23. Alexandros

    emerald pickaxe

    Sorry, but it's kind of bad
  24. hi I've played your mod and yeah this is going to be awesome when you upgrade a lot in the future anyway i found 2 bugs the first one is going through walls the second one is the bullets aren't piecing through walls but out of those 2 this feels legit...
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