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  5. I moved the minecraft folder to the folder with the mods for the game went into the game looked and there is nothing but all the other mods do and with this problem help please
  6. un pack flie and put in game folder mods
  7. cf6068

    HalfLife 1 Map WIP

    I'm trying to download it but it's just giving me an empty zip file
  8. when I try extracting the file it says I cant because the file is empty. Is there a chance you know what causes this?
  9. thankk u soo much ur king its worksss
  10. And this moron doesn't know the difference between a mod site and Twitter. Go bitch over there.
    Im download and winrar and winzip cannot open file Help me please
  11. please help I want to make a game play like this, how do I make it? or i download this mod
  12. Version 0.9.0


  13. reupload the file, it's crashed
  14. i use windows 10 pro and it completly works
  15. Version 0.9.2


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