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  1. The combines "wreck"oning has come. Been waiting for this!
  2. Sweet you released it! Time to use it on my bridge with a tank.
  3. Makes me want to release my Titanic.
  4. Exeros

    Bridge Construction

    A new version will be shipped soon, hopefully this week with many improvements and additions.
  5. Exeros

    Bridge Construction

    It turns out I shipped a broken version with half of the ropes gone as you can see some stands are not holding any ropes.
  6. Exeros

    Bridge Construction

    I will keep expanding on this, and others. I love physics experiments.
  7. Exeros

    Bridge Construction

    Files are all updated and with installation guide.
  8. Exeros

    Bridge Construction

    Yeah, I'm going to be updating the file and also supply images with steps
  9. Exeros

    Bridge Construction

    I originally had that, however vehicles kept going through it.
  10. Version 1.0.4


    Welcome to Bridge Construction, Lee chemicals has hired a contractor to start work on a private island but only have a bridge! Your task? Have fun doing whatever you would like to this bridge! Features -  Joints and ropes allow the bridge to deform in a realistic manor. Vehicle placement ready to be modified. Vast ocean (perfect for expansion or boats!) Please take some time and tell me what you would like to see changed or added!
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