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Found 18 results

  1. Version 4.0.0


    STEAM WORKSHOP IS HERE!!! YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MY WEAPONS HERE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2401926535 ADDED TWO NEW WEAPONS, M1 GARAND AND HOOK SHOTGUN! THE WEAPONS ALSO HAVE ALOT MORE ANIMATIONS AND TWEAKS. The Vox Models are made by: - @Alagabry: AK, AWP, NOVA, M249, M4 - @cCheerSs: RPG, Laser Cutter, Mjölner - @Kolaach: MGL - @Cheejins: AC130 Plane - @landenbullard : P90 - @MyCresta: Desert Eagle, Berettas, SG553, SCAR-20, Minigun, Hadouken, Scorpion, Dragonslayer, Charge Shotgun, Dual Miniguns, Holy Grenade, .500 Magnum, Magic Ba
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This pack changes weapons into Christmas related items. The bomb turns into a XBOX SERIES X. rocket launcher is a snnowman launching snowballs from his head.
  3. Version 5


    Here are 21 pipebombs from myself and Kszabi98(creator of the human map) ***with permission*** put together in one pack. They are organized in 2 files labeled "Pipebombs Thrown" and "Pipebombs Held in Hand". If you are like me, then you have lots of mods and need to organize them. I like to keep them labeled what they are and then just copy and paste them, changing their name to pipebomb.vox there. If you don't have a Teardown Mods folder yet, you should. Credit for the Human, Pokeball, Kinder Egg, and Matroska go to my friend Kszabi98. Check out his human mod map if you haven't yet, its
  4. Version 1.0.1


    A pack of cars from the 1910s featuring 8 cars and a tiny low effort test map these cars are free to use in maps but preferably ask for permission and don't post them anywhere outside of teardownmods.com This mod is made to be installed with the experimental version and the mod loader, instructions here! https://github.com/Thomasims/TeardownUMF-Examples/wiki/Installation-Guide Enjoy!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I maded pickaxes in teardown! I am maded all pickaxe models: Diamond, Gold, Iron, Netherite, Stone, Wooden. How to install?: 1) Download archive with models 2) Open archive 3) Open folder ''Minecraft Pickaxe pack'' 4) Copy any model 5) Paste to Teardown >>> mods 6) Completed, nice game)
  6. Version 2.0.1


    This modpack adds 9 banana weapons in your game with campaing ammo and reload. Press R to reload. This mod will no longer updated here, only on the workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2738925229
  7. Version v2.2


    Fallout Cryslus Motors Collection (WIP) This is a collection of vehicles from the Fallout series that I've made, This pack is a work in progress, complete with working doors and trunks (for realistic driving behavior), i am still adding to this still and more vehicles will come, For now, there is, -Corvega 2 Door -Station Wagon -Staition Wagon taxi -Staition Wagon (Post War) -Corvega Police unit -Corvega Dragster (60s inspired) -Corvega Deluxe (convertible) -Vault Tech Van -Nuka Cola Van -Rocket 69 -Rocket 69 (Post war) -Z
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is my second weapon pack that is made for Teardown. This pack has a extra file where you can get everything unlocked. Instructions in the pack
  9. Version 1.0.2


    So... you want some guns umh? You're in the right place! This pack contains all the weapons that I made and I'll make in the future! All the weapons in the pack are as much close possible to their real counterparts and even more will be added soon! What's inside: M249 PM Makarov Famas M4 SCAR-H Winchester94 Mossberg500 SPAS-12 MP5 MP7 P90 AWP Dragunov Barrett M107A1 AK-47 Many renders and screenshots These weapons can be only replaced to the existing in game. I'll look for mod support in t
  10. Version 1.1.0


    Here's my second car pack, this time beamNG.drive themed. It contains the following cars: -Gavril D-series D15 V8 4WD -Hirochi Sunburst rally gravel -Ibishu 200BX drift There's only three cars in the pack as it's an early work in progress more cars will be added but at a slower pace then my drift car pack when it released. This is because the vehicles in this pack have way more detail. Every car as the following features/details: -working doors (open when burst open) -opening hood -opening trunk/boot/tailgate -detailed engine -full interior
  11. Version 2.0


    Tools and weapons pack (Soon vehicles) Installation Go to your teardown installation file ------------------------------------------ Teardown\data\vox\tool drag and drop every .vox file and you're ready to play have fun
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Added my textures to weapons in teardown! Added textures to: Sledge Spraycan Extinguisher Bloowtorch Shotgun Pipebomb Plank Bomb Rocket NICE GAME 🙂
  13. Version


    A Pack Of Logos Add Credit If Wanted
  14. Version 0.5


    furniture pack for your own maps
  15. Version 0.0.1


    At the moment, the pack contains: Necromancer's wand (sledge) Potion (spraycan) Skull of unknown creature (blowtorch) Skull bomb (pipebomb I'll add more models soon. Have fun
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Deagle Pack, this adds Deagle Deagle GOLD Mini Deagle Mini Deagle GOLD
  17. Version 0.2


    Here is another pack, Construction assets for construction site levels. Enjoy!!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This is a mod that adds hands to every tool in Teardown. Enjoy!
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