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  1. @lexalone13Sadly, it has no fast chopping action yet. It just slowly rotates from front to back with the left and right mouse buttons. It is heavy enough to slice through most cars though.
  2. @XorberaxAwesome work. One bug I found was the bullets hit to the right of where I'm aiming because I'm playing on display 3440x1440. Switching to 1920x1080 fixes it though. I don't know if this is easy to fix or not. Can't wait to see how this mod progresses.
  3. Now, I understand. I will think about how to make such a vehicle.
  4. Just wondering, is anyone else having this problem?
  5. @Speedmos17That's a weird problem. The only thing I can think of right now is that you have other mods causing the problem. I've had Teardown from the beginning and upgraded versions with each experimental one that came out; trying out different mods along the way. With this last update, my campaign wouldn't run at all. But after deleting and reinstalling a fresh version, it worked properly again. I think the version updates don't replace everything but add to it and fix what needs to be fixed. You could try a reinstall after saving the mods you want to see if that fixes it, then start i
  6. @Speedmos17That's really strange. I do have 2 voxbox's in the map. 1 for the dirt and 1 for the grass. The grass is 1 block lower than the dirt and only seen in the distance. I just double checked and its working fine on my setup. Where on the map does it happen?
  7. @Speedmos17Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the compliment. Let me know if there is something I can improve.
  8. @MudsoxThanks for the response. Its one of my favorite creations. Let me know if you have any improvements I can make.
  9. @mudsox that's ok, there are a lot of mods to keep track of. And having more to choose from is always a good thing. It also drives competition to have better mods. Keep at it.
  10. @kindofdestruction I might add this in the future. But for now you can find a car crusher press in the "FynpirePlaygroundMap".
  11. @SuperRockI eliminated the shadow volume outside the junkyard grounds and the overall height of it. This should help it run more smooth. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. @CriminalDuck007 I added a zip version.
  13. @Pedro @leo @PyramyDD @JazBurr Sorry it crashed on you. I think I found out why and fixed it. There were multiple player spawns in the suv's as well. I eliminated all vehicle player spawns and now you spawn on the center shop roof. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Version 3


    This is "The Junkyard". It is a large auto wrecking/Monster Truck test facility with lots of different vehicles to drive and destroy. There are bulldozers to push things around and monster trucks to crush cars as well. This has a working car shredder that ejects the debris out the top plus a drivable shredder as well. There is also plenty of flat driving area outside the junkyard with some jumps all around. Some of the games recreated props and vehicles come from TTFH3500, TalbotUncharted3 and the developer's asset pack with minor tweaks from myself. Hope you have fun with this one. bb7
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