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    Honestly this is probably the coolest mod i've seen on this site so far, it really shows that dynamic structures are possible in teardown
    Even better then the last! and yeah those wheels are a little small , i was having trouble making them bigger though cause of the misalignement
    I was looking for an offroad sorta map like this, also thanks for using my car!
  1. the changelog calls the 200bx a hirochi, its obviously an ibishu. My bad!
  2. Version 1.1.0


    Here's my second car pack, this time beamNG.drive themed. It contains the following cars: -Gavril D-series D15 V8 4WD -Hirochi Sunburst rally gravel -Ibishu 200BX drift There's only three cars in the pack as it's an early work in progress more cars will be added but at a slower pace then my drift car pack when it released. This is because the vehicles in this pack have way more detail. Every car as the following features/details: -working doors (open when burst open) -opening hood -opening trunk/boot/tailgate -detailed engine -full interior
    great addon to the game, only thing i'd say is that the lights still have a halo/shine when they're off, i can imagine thats pretty hard to disable though
    Nice bus! I'm pretty sure i tried it out in beamng at some point as well
  3. Thanks! will be updating it until i get bored
  4. Just read through the installation instructions in the zip, that should help.
  5. Yep, i just realised that my files aren't saving right so i accidentaly uploaded an older version, I'll fix all the downloads now
  6. brickolo


    Nice idea! my username is actually a reference to lego as it's one of my interests.
    Great replica! i'd love custom sounds though, it's basically the best sounding car of all time.
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