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    Calling it "Malou's first map" is a weird flex, but the map itself is astonishing! deserves all 5 stars!
  1. It's installed like any other mod in the new build,you both are doing it wrong since it works just fine, you need to go and follow a tutorial 🙂
    I... have so many mixed feelings about this. On one hand i ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, why are the voxels so small? they're not supposed to be that way!!! I'm super scared of this idea spreading and the game losing its stylized feel to start looking like a 3d model with anti-aliasing off, i really hope this stays as an experiment and never spreads, I also of course as you can probably guess prefer vanilla-styled cars, and dont see much use for a mod like this past the mere intrest of it being different and new On the other hand however i can appreciate the work that went into it, as well as the e
  2. Also i wonder why there's so much hate in the reviews some legit reviews seem to have been unfairly marked as "non-useful" and there's also that jerk who doesn't know how to install so he leaves a bad review, reported it. not what the review system is for. but yeah awesome work man
  3. I'm still crediting you, sure you might only have recreated them but there's still a shitton of work that's gone into doing this and that deserves credit
  4. BTW my man i didn't want to be mean I just wanna rate it fairly and tell you how to improve pls keep making mods and try to get better i hope my review wasn't too harsh 😄
    Wonderful script, very helpful and easy to use, deserves more attention and credit, this is one of those mods that just need to become a must for modders to have always at hand
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a teaser or BETA version for an upcoming map of mine called Italian Streets, the finished map will feature at least a whole block of an italian town, complete with houses featuring interiors and furniture, as well as fitting cars This BETA version (just a little teaser with what i've done so far) is actually a lot smaller than it seems, it will give you access to ONE fully furnished and detailed house, a three-floor apartment building, as well as a part of the surrounding streets and alleyways, the surrounding houses and roads are DECORATIVE ONLY and can't be accessed (well you co
    High effort and fairly big build but lackluster in quality in some aspects, specially the textures (or lack thereof, most colors are flat and without detail) and models in a few areas (modelling errors) it also lacks some detail and some areas feel really empty, it could benefict of interactive things as well like hinged doors. Although i can see it being much better after a few updates 🙂 EDIT: Also why do you add "Destructible" in all your builds? this is teardown everything is destructible it's literally just a normal custom house lol
    A stunning map, one of the best so far, kinda tiny and dry in content compared to vanilla maps which is to be expected since it's very early in teardown's modding, but compared to most mods it's miles ahead, it has vanilla-like level of detail and it's a lot of fun to play on
  6. Awesome! i'm making a map with an openable truck and i'd love to use this! will credit and link this mod of course!
  7. Version 1.0.1


    A pack of cars from the 1910s featuring 8 cars and a tiny low effort test map these cars are free to use in maps but preferably ask for permission and don't post them anywhere outside of teardownmods.com This mod is made to be installed with the experimental version and the mod loader, instructions here! https://github.com/Thomasims/TeardownUMF-Examples/wiki/Installation-Guide Enjoy!
    The dislikes are from Maho and Alice Shimada oh wait, there are no dislikes cause after a good sensha-do match, everyone stays friends!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Little bug-shaped german car made right after world war two! It kept being used in some countries until as late as 2012! Feel free to put this in your maps, compilations or whatever! only conditions is you must not sell it, and you must give me credit! 😄
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