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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    !!THIS IS THE ALL TERRAIN JEEP!! Replica of jeep but modded out Some big ass truck exhaust tips Working steering wheel Can climb like a MF Working brake lights Red hot engine Teardown 2020-12-11 00-16-31_Trim.mp4 Download info: Download AT-JEEP.vox and place into chosen maps folder Download JEEP.txt and place into the maps .xml folder Play around with the position if stuck in walls !!ENJOY!! <If you want to use for other creations make sure to add some credit>
  2. Version 1.05


    ABOUT:  This is a M12 Warthog from the game Halo. It has a functional mg turret and a rocket varient. It also has a realistic outer shell and a tougher inner metal frame, so it breaks in a realistic way.  I plan to continue updating this warthog mod and adding features as they become available.  These features include as a swivelling turret that aims where you are looking and moving ai covenant that shoot plasma and needles at you.   Note:   - The turret has two angle settings:   
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This file will gonna turn the pipebomb in to a throwable jeep you cant drive the jeep and it has got no tires because if it got tires it only throws a tire if somebody can make it driveable pleas make it
  4. Version 0.1


    This is a cool jeep I made, if u use it in a vid or something plz give me credit cuz I only got 7 youtube subs.
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