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        This is a M12 Warthog from the game Halo. It has a functional mg turret and a rocket varient.
        It also has a realistic outer shell and a tougher inner metal frame, so it breaks in a realistic way.

        I plan to continue updating this warthog mod and adding features as they become available.
        These features include as a swivelling turret that aims where you are looking and moving ai covenant that shoot plasma and needles at you.

                - The turret has two angle settings:
                        1. Scroll mouse up to switch to distance firing. The bullets have less spread and shoot distant targets while the warthog is parked.
                        2. Scroll mouse down to enable driving firing. The bullets have more spread and are angled downward to shoot easier while driving.


                - The halo_warthog.lua file in the data/mods folder has an easy customization section at the top of the file.
                           You can choose the RPM of the warthog along with the asigned turret weapon.
                - I've modified the default "vehicle.xml" scene and the ground.vox file in the create folder to help demo this mod.
                           It includes covenant you can run over and shoot, stones and metal poles as obstacles and ramps you can fling off of.

        !!!!!!!! Before installing any mods, always have a backup of the files you are replacing. !!!!!!!!
                 The steam teardown folder is only 1.2GB.
                 To make things simple you could backup the entire folder and restore it as a snapshot of your installed mods.


                Installing the warthog with the recommended demo level I made:

                1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Teardown\.
                2. Move everything in the "Recommended Installation" folder into Teardown's main installation directory/folder.
                3. common\Teardown\<the create and data folders go here>.
                4. Replace all files when asked to. You can also add the mod to mods.lua manually.
                5. Start up Teardown -> choose the "Create" option from the main menu -> choose the level called "Vehicle level".


                If you want to add the warthog to a different level:

                1. Install the recommended way, but instead of replacing create/vehicle.xml, take all of the warthog code from
                        "Alternative Installation/warthog_xml/warthog_xml_code.xml"
                2. Select all of the code: <vehicle> to the end </vehicle>
                3. Open the .xml file of a level you want to add the warthog to.
                4. Add the warthog's <vehicle> tag inbetween the <scene> </scene> tags of the level.
                5. Add the halo_warthog.vox file to the folder of the map.
                6. Make sure to install the warthog turret from the "Alternative Installation/data".
                        You will needs the mods.lua and whatever is in the mods folder.
                7. Use the <vehicle pos="x z y"> of the tank's tag to position the warthog in the map.
                        Add 0.6 to the y position of the ground under the warthog (<vehicle pos="0 0.6 0">)


        Although I put a lot of time into scripting, modelling and mapping for this mod, it wouldn't have been possible without the help of these people:
        Warthog base model:

        Covenant base models:
                -> Grunts: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5845
                -> Elites: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3370899

        Special thanks to:
                -> "ChiefCloudyEye" for the script from the "Working Minigun 1.0.0" mod
                -> "antopilo" for: Helping with the vector math involved with aligning the shot source with the turret.
                -> "My Cresta" for:
                        - Discovering the UiGetMouseWheel() == -1, making it possible to aim the warthog bullets higher or lower.
                        - Helping disable the hud for the intro video.
                -> "Knebb" for: the internal diddler mod, allowing noclip for the video's bird's eye view shots.

        Other thanks: the helpful folks on the "Teardown Modding" Discord and "MagicaVoxel" discord

         Scripting, models and mapping done by Cheejins.

Edited by Cheejins

What's New in Version 1.05   See changelog


- Lifted covenant 1 voxel off of the ground so they topple over when hit.

- Added a rocket warthog.
- Added grunt turret props.
- Vehicles do not need specific weapon equipped to fire.
- Fixed holes in the map.
- Slightly optimized the script.

- Huge map performance optimization. No more lag while shooting.
- Improved warthog driving handling.
- Improved turret firing (higher rpm, better spread, spray-can as weapon).

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