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  1. Version 8==D


    A small baby from when I started playing but completely forgot about The crowbar attached to it's body is presumably known to go in a random direction when blown up lmao DOWNLOAD INFO: Download pipebomb baby.vox into teardown/data/vox and teardown/data/vox/tools Rename both to just pipebomb.vox and replace with the other two already existing pipebomb.vox files
  2. Version 1.3.0


    THIS IS BUBBLE: (Changelog new to old) 1.3.0 Added: -2-Step switch for both chairs -Switch for opening and closing both windows -Switch for ramp inside and outside -Ramp door when not using ramp -Electric panel (will work in future) Fixed: -Placement of doors -Made a middle console -speed of joints 1.2.1 Added more scaled down props: (LET ME KNOW IF YOU THINK A CERTAIN PROP WOULD LOOK GOOD HERE) @Hauren: Space collection @Maxparata: Dystopian character @ecleposs: Earth 1.2.0 !!Added a bunch of my favorite props created, scaled
  3. I have some problems with this map it always crashes my game when i try to open map dunno why tried around like 5 times.
  4. saltyleg

    deleting mod

    Is there anywa i can delete my mod and repost. I put the vehicle in the maps section
  5. Version 1.0.1


    !!THIS IS THE ALL TERRAIN JEEP!! Replica of jeep but modded out Some big ass truck exhaust tips Working steering wheel Can climb like a MF Working brake lights Red hot engine Teardown 2020-12-11 00-16-31_Trim.mp4 Download info: Download AT-JEEP.vox and place into chosen maps folder Download JEEP.txt and place into the maps .xml folder Play around with the position if stuck in walls !!ENJOY!! <If you want to use for other creations make sure to add some credit>
  6. Yea that perfectly fine modify however u want, I would like lil credit tho if thats not a problem.
  7. Ay no problem and thank you for the info.
    Deserves a five? deserves a five
  8. Version 1.1.0


    This file only consists of back to the future scaled = 0.5: (To get the normal version: BTTF Glow) -Cambered wheels -Break pads that glow -Double Fly doors -Steering wheel decided to yeet up the y-axis when I closed the door so it is removed in the scaled down version. -INTERIOR - Interior and exterior lights that turn on when driving -And hella tubes ADDITIONAL INFO: If the doors start tweaking like crack and you want to remove them: 1. Go to .vox file: TheDelorean0.5.vox 2. Group the doors and the body (don't be dumb and group the w
  9. Version 2.2


    NEW CHANGELOG INFO BELOW This is back to the future: -Cambered wheels - Break pads that glow -Double Fly doors!! -Weird steering wheel -INTERIOR - Interior and exterior lights that turn on when driving -And hella tubesss I hope you'll like it Download info: Download TheDelorean2.2.vox and delorean.lua to your chosen of map folder Download delorean2.2.txt and paste into the chosen map's .xml folder Play around with positioning if stuck in walls
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