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  1. Hi. Can you send me a screenshot of the issue?
  2. Version 1.2


    PLEASE READ: - This is a very rough and early version of the mod. - The flight physics still need work and I'll be adding a lot more to the mod as time goes on. - Do not reupload this mod or any parts of it without my permission. ABOUT - This mod introduces some basic flight mechanics to Teardown. It has a few planes like the A-10 Thunderbolt, Mig29, Spitfire and a Bombardier Jet. The planes have weapons like machine guns (mg), explosive mg (emg) and unguided-missiles. I will be adding more planes and weapons in the future. ADDING PLANES TO YOUR MAP - To add planes to you
  3. Version 1.1


    ABOUT A simple script that lets you sprint and walk. Check out the change log for all the features. Sprint = shift Walk = c INSTALLATION Put the "Sprint and Walk" folder into your Documents/Teardown/mods folder and enable it in the Teardown mods menu.
    Really fun. I hope poopy tim has life insurance.
    Awesome work. This mod has come so far.
  4. Cheejins

    Noclip mod

    Awesome, works great. Only requests are to add the inverse of space to move vertically down (maybe the ctrl key?) and maybe an options.lua to change the fly speed and rmb fast fly speed.
  5. Not necessarily. I'm actually going to be adding an easy options section in the "mods" menu so you don't have to do into the code to change the airstrike options. Other than that, you don't need to know any code to install it or use it. Message me if you need any help.
  6. hmm that's strange. i have a info.txt file in each mod folder. if it's not letting you play other maps it may be a problem with your install of teardown. DM me if you can't get it working, we can sort it out.
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