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  1. hmm that's strange. i have a info.txt file in each mod folder. if it's not letting you play other maps it may be a problem with your install of teardown. DM me if you can't get it working, we can sort it out.
  2. Cheejins

    T-90 MBT

    Very nice mod as usual!!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Gravity Lifts By Cheejins ABOUT: This mod creates easily customizable cylindrical gravity lifts that you can set up in your map, purely through XML. GUIDE: NOTE: Sometimes the gravlift does not register large objects properly. This is because the complete center of the object must be within the gravity lift. Any outer voxels of the object may not trigger the gravlift. These gravlifts are pretty basic. I'm planning to add things like additive velocity, so the gravlifts don't just do a stiff pull
  4. Unfortunately its not possible to add xmls and vox files to sandbox maps or campaign yet. it should be possible in the future though, its up to the devs to add that functionality.
    Amazing. Thank you for making this, it will help lots of modders out there.
    Amazing tool. Really useful for many things!
  5. Cheejins


    Amazing mod! really like the map too. great work 👍
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