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    the map is nice and all but the game may crash while booting the map, you need to like lower the shadow volume
  1. TNTnope

    Slow Motion

    it is a must-have
  2. TNTnope

    Fasibay Map

    i will fix this ammo limit and an easter egg is in the town hall on a whiteboard which makes an reference to an upcoming update. good luck
  3. TNTnope

    Fasibay Map

    Version 0.2


    NEW UPDATED VERSION ON THE STEAM WORKSHOP, I WONT UPDATE THE MOD THAT IS UPLOADED HERE ANYMORE, THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING The Alpha of a big city map Here are some things about this mod: -The map will feature a bridge, some easter eggs and a docking bay with the beach near it -The map will be huge -Every update comes with a new building -It will have a trailer -It will come with a map with the legend and the streets/buildings names It contains about 4 EASTER EGGS (for now) --TO INSTALL
    the black ram reminded me of Driver: San Francisco
  4. Version 2.0


    My 1st Vehicle mod on this game Made in 4 days with love and affection highly detailed model, interior and some nice lights
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