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    Has to be the best map I've played by far. I don't know the building in real life, but it seems to be a perfect recreation. But besides that, this is the only map I've found that has fully-functioning settings in the option menu, and many different functionalities such as a working elevator, fire alarm, and customizable weather. I love the thunderstorm mode where you wake up to an emergency alert on the tv, you could literally make this into some kind of story or horror map. Seriously, add in some objectives and I would totally believe this is an official map (I don't know if that's possible w
  1. AH, I figured it out, wish I could edit my comment. To turn this into sandbox mode, just need to add <script file="sandbox.lua"/> right at the end of the main.xml file. Right after where this is currently. <script file="main.lua"/> I don't mean to say this should be changed, if the map creator wants it to have ammo that's fine. Just wanted to let others know if they want to play it sandbox as well.
  2. For some reason this map loads with limited ammo for weapons, whereas other mod maps I have are unlimited. Is there a way to change this? I tried looking into the files but I don't have any mod experience. I would like to play this in "creative" mode so to speak.
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