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Map Making - Help!


So, i tried do search all the internet on how to make some things on the map maker inside the game (not on magica voxel or direct xml edit), but i could not get any helpful instructions. I found one thing or another, but it's missing some more info. Most of instructions i found show where it is on the program, but does not explain HOW you make it work.

Devs or anyone, could you help me please?

I need to know:

-How to add a driveable vehicle on my map?
-How to add hinges and make doors, specially prismatic hinges?
-How can i make mission objectives on my map? I saw one map some guy made which you could use your pc like in campaign mode and do some missions.
-How do i make buttons and switches?
-How do i attach a light in a object? I can attach but when i break the light still on.

Thank you!

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Ok... after some trial and error i learned most of the things i needed

-Driveables vehicles in the map maker inside the game are different to make compared to old maps. Vou must use XML and a instance.

-Explosives, it's all about hierarchy. For some strange reason the item in the LOWEST part of the hierarchy has the priority

-Missions i'm still trying to figure it out... But i bet it has something to do with luas and xmls =/

-Hinges i haven't tested yet but i think it's all about hierarchy too.

-Buttons and switchs i'm still trying to figure it out.

-Attach the light to a object it's all about hierarchy too.


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