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Physical Throwables

This mod introduces several different grenades that all physically exist in world for the player to pick up and use. 

Grenades include: 

  • Molotov cocktail - Starts burning and spreads fire to nearby burnable items for period of time
  • Smoke Grenade  - Produces large plume of smoke to cover player movement
  • Frag Grenade      - Individual frag creates small explosion after countdown
  • Cluster Grenade  - Bundled explosives create one large explosion followed by multiple exploding submunitions
  • White Phosphorous - Bundled grenade holds a bursting charge that sends several small voxels that will burn uncontrollably for a period of time flying down over your target

Pick grenade up with right click, press "e" to arm, move yourself somewhere where the grenade is not.  



Backup your castle.xml + castle folder and then place the contents of the zip folder in your teardown/create folder. 

File Structure:

  • create
    • castle
      • scripts
        • all .lua files
      • all .vox files
    • castle.xml

Demo video:



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awesome mod!

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Looks very nice. Keep it up! 🙂 

Regards Joep,

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