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  1. elboydo

    Noclip mod

    A fantastically useful mod!
    A really fun vehicle! great work with the tracks! I look forward to many more weird and wonderful tracked vehicles!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    About / Prelude: In the mountains to the East of Lockelle lies the Abu Zayeet Ballistic Range. A military training facility filled with explosive and destructive weapons and plenty of targets to destroy. Installation: Place folder inside "documents/teardown/mods" and select play in the mod manager menu. Requires: While the map functions on its own, the vehicles will only properly function if you had AVF enabled, It is suggested to keep to the latest version of AVF: Contributors: @spexta for large sections of map construction / layout.
    You've really outdone yourself with this one, great quality work and incredible fun!
    Fantastic work! it even accepts my suica card!
  3. Quick question, isn't this largely just a reskin of My Crestas Deagle from the functional weapons pack? As the codebase is almost identical, particularly the bits I'm most familiar with on projectile handling. The only real difference i see beyond some aesthetic text is just the vox model used. Not having a go or anything, as making mods for the community is great to do. However, it is best practice if you re-use the content of somebodies mods to perhaps ask them first if it's alright to heavily copy their code and reskin it, or at least reference them and their work in mo
  4. elboydo


    Version 1.0.1


    A simple mod that enables Binoculars in Teardown. Binoculars can be activated by pressing "b" and then zooming in and out with the middle mouse button. Install: To install, unzip the binoculars.zip file and place the binoculars folder into your Mydocuments/teardown/mods folder. you should then see a "Binoculars" file in your in game mod menu, click enable and they will function on pressing the b button in game. Customisation: Multiple Different sets of lenses for the binoculars can be enabled through the mods options menu, of different colours and clea
    Fantastically fun mod!
  5. I've been there many a time. If you are not already, i'd suggest checking out the in game editor, it makes life infinitely easier. There's also now a debug mode in AVF which will sometimes hopefully tell you if it ran into any problems when initializing / running. And yeah, backups are vital, i always back up when possible, just in case.
  6. Gravity and dispersion coefs have been added with the custom config .lua script updated to show making a tanks third shelltype into extremely slow shells not impacted by gravity. Both gravity and dispersion coefs work as a value where 1= default, 0 = no gravity, 2 = double gravity. If you haven't already, i'd suggest using the AVF_custom.lua to config your vehicles and wrap each one in the editor with its own script, such as renaming avf_custom to sweetTooth.lua for our sweet tooth vehicle, with its own weapons and stuff in there. This is how i did it for one of th
  7. I'll look into adding a gravity coef parameter for shellTypes in the next couple of updates for you, then it should be possible to make shells less impacted by gravity. For the time being, sadly, there's not a great deal that can be done until it's updated.
    A really fun teaser for what i believe will be an absolutely amazing amp. I got very real battlefield vibes when i chucked a tank in there to start blowing things up. The sheer detail within the buildings is really nice to see as they do seem believable that people would live there.
    This is absolutely insane with the degree of detail. A truly fantastic mod for such an insanely large vehicle. It's great fun to destroy things with!
  8. elboydo

    T-90 MBT

    NP hopefully you got it working. there is an expanded map in the works with multiple vehicles that will be very fun to play with!
  9. It should have no issue, as I think that mod only really works if you are not in a vehicle, but i could be wrong.
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