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  1. also i forgot something you have to enabled new tools pack plus to make it work
  2. Version 1.0.2


    thes is the update for new tools pack plus that replace the part 2 tools for new tools plus do keep in mind that thes is a beta so theres going to be bugs so when the update release i wil make a video about it new update just change the description and the ingame name how to use the mod first you extract the zip and then you just put it on your mods folder and your done now you just enabled new tools pack plus 2.0 and enabled new tools pack plus and your done and your ready to play and if you find a bug you can just comment the bug
  3. it is on the steam workshop
  4. Version 1.8


    big new textures it add a new tools texture to the tools in Teardown and it give you custom tools sounds and I have a classic version you can download it on the workshop ore go to the collection enjoy the pack you can comment new small update I change the sledge
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