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  1. kotowis

    Small warehouse

    I trying to do this 🙂
  2. kotowis

    Small warehouse

    Thanks for playing on my map! I can see this box truck but there can be problem with use it on my map and public this.
  3. kotowis

    Small warehouse

    I think it's just your computer because it's like on sandbox maps: if you destroy too many thinks there are lags.
  4. kotowis

    Small warehouse

    Hi Lesnoy40rt77. Thanks for installing my map. Now answer to your questions: 1. It's for optimalization. This happen because logs of trees are too small. If you want I can give bigger trees. 2. Ok but bulding site is like... too small. Oh and lags are will be happen because grass have a problem. I trying to do somethink with that.
  5. kotowis

    Small warehouse

    Version 0.5.0


    This is my first mod. If you have any problems please send me the problem on discord. How to install: 1.Install file 2.Open file 3.Unpack file 4.Put file in Teardown mod folder 5.Open Teardown click play - mods - Small warehouse 6.Have fun 😄 Waring new updates only be upload on steam workshop!!!
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