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Hey everyone this is a fictional aircraft carrier that will hopefully help those trying to test aircraft mods in Teardown. It is very large and has small interior areas that will be expanded upon in the future. It should be fully sinkable (though I haven't tested that yet...), but let me know if it isn't and I'll fix that. Hope you enjoy playing around with this. I plan on adding aircraft models to its top and various turrets and a few more compartments, as well as a vehicle elevator to bring vehicles up to the surface from the interior. Hope you enjoy!


To install just place the files in the Zip folder in your Teardown "create" directory!

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I sunk your battleship. ^_^

teardown 2020-12-06 07-42-18-04.jpg

teardown 2020-12-06 07-42-27-99.jpg

teardown 2020-12-06 07-48-23-57.jpg

Response from the author:

GG! Glad to see what isn't destructible! Next order of business after getting a nice UAV Predator drone done, is to edit the materials of the ship so it's more destructible, increase the ocean depth, add a thicker runway for flying vehicles to land, and more interior compartments! Thanks for checking it out 🙂 expect more to come!

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One Word - HOW?! Is This Converted Or You MADE this by Yourself?

Response from the author:

This is converted just like the titanic map on this site 🙂

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