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  1. -removed- Just realized its on Workshop and I am blind lol
  2. I know right? I was getting about 1fps so it made for a great shot of just pure chaos as an explosion sent everything up in a shockwave.
  3. More destruction. Make my PC suffer!
  4. xfreakazoidx


    Finally fully wiped out the newest version!
    Finally fully destroyed it!
  5. xfreakazoidx


    Fun to destroy! VERY well made might I add. I can see this as a heist map.
  6. Hi, CoolJWB. I sent you a message on here. I should note your link to you on discord doesn't seem to work. Will you be updating your Time Control and Performance Mod? Neither seem to work sadly with the new beta version. 😞
    5 out of 5 Eleven's blew up this map with their powers.
  7. xfreakazoidx


    This is like a mix between the slow time in game currently and the freeze time mod. I love it! Does the superhot time affect gun fire or thrown weapons? Not a big deal if its not of course. I can see using this mod when the help is chasing me. Throwing a giant object towards where I am going and hiding behind it as it moves lol
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