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This will updated only to fix bugs

strength = 2000	--Strength of shockwave impulse
maxDist = 15	--The maximum distance for bodies to be affected
maxMass = 1000	--The maximum mass for a body to be affected

function init()
    tank = FindVehicle("tank")
	body = FindBody("body")

	reticle1 = LoadSprite("MOD/sprite/reticle1.png")
	reticle2 = LoadSprite("MOD/sprite/reticle2.png")
	reticle3 = LoadSprite("MOD/sprite/reticle3.png")

	ammo = 50
	reach = 500
	reloadTime = 0

	recoil = 150000
	explosionSize = 3

	drawReticle = false
	didImpact = false
	impactPoint = Vec(0,0,0)

	projectileTime = 0.0
	projectileTimeMax = 0.3
	projectilePos = Vec(0,0,0)
	projectileStartPos = Vec(0,0,0)
	projectileHitPos = Vec(0,0,0)

	shootSnd = {}
	for i=0, 3 do
		shootSnd[i] = LoadSound("tools/tankgun"..i..".ogg")

in the 13th line of the code you can modify the ammo, +100000 mean infinite ammo

You have to put in the initial carpet C:\Users\MyUserName\Documents\Teardown\mods\MyMap\

or MOD/tank/tank.xml, have fun!, comment for any question, and att the line 18 is the explosion size, you know


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