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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.3


    This map includes all vehicles on the entire site, and a couple cool things to do to the vehicles! Took me a couple days to make, so I hope you like it! Note that I have left some vehicles out because they are just reskinned versions of other vehicles.
  2. Version 1.12


    On steam workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2415637896 Vehicle Map x2! With 2000 meter bridge, docks, parking garage, traffic, weather and much more! Big shout out to TTFH for the vehicle help, BattleBob72 for his mobile shredder, Jude Johnson for his amazing SS Marina, Murdoc for the police cars, and Elboydo for his tank! Also MASSIVE shoutout to Caffeine Power for his wonderful help with the options, and to Please Pick A Name for the base map design! Disclaimer! Requires AVF to run the tank! Ai traffic! ai traffic will take a while! Really fun
  3. Version 1.8


    Just a test map I made to teach myself how to use the editor, (most of the assets in this map are taken from the assetpack). This map includes, -Boat trailer (I made myself), -All vehicles from the Assetpack, -Ball joint dynamic structure, -A building, -Recreation of Lee Tower from Lee Chemicals -And more to come IMPORTANT: I HAVE STOPPED UPDATING THE "test_level" FILE, IF YOU WANT UPDATED CONTENT LIKE, LEE TOWER AND SEVERAL OTHER FIXES. DOWNLOAD, "test_level_reno_completed" be sure to check out my other stuff too
  4. Version 10.0.0


    This is a custom mission as well as a prefab map. It has 5 objectives you can finish with a timer and alarms. Good luck!! A Simple edit of the Official Vehicle Map with my Mega Model Pack, features 7 remade cars that were previously only driveable in story mode, now you can slap em into any map you want. Don't even think about crediting me for these cars, THEYRE NOT MINE. The devs made em, i just recreated them for the community to use. Enjoy~!! My Recreation Mod Mega Pack Contributors: Scandal TTFH Rubikow
  5. Version 0.3.0


    THE SUFFER TO END ALL SUFFER IN TOTAL OF 176 PARKING SLOTS AVALIABLE! ALL WITH SIMPLE MARKERS FOR POSITION CUSTOMIZATION 2KM x 2KM GOLDEN EXPERIENCE, THIS IS WHAT I CALLED "FREEDOM" DOCK UPDATE! CHECK DETAIL BELOW! you read the title, yes, this is aimed to be an improved vehicle map, and most importantly, to fix the biggest suffer when you, a normal player trying to add a new car, which is... WHERE THE FUCK SHOULD I PUT IT and NOW, NO MORE WORRY, EVERY parking spot have XYZ marked on them, just dump the number in your pos parameter, done, no more math, no more hea
  6. Version 6.1


    Full destructible bridge with cars, some details and secrets.
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