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About Me

  1. Version 1.0.9


    The following vehicle can be used in any other mod, as long as my name is shown in credits(in description) The Gearzen D-Series: Features: 1.Opening doors, hood and trunk. (doors are locked, but locks can be busted to open them, you can use your hammer for this) 3.Detailed undercarriage (frame, suspension, exhaust, and so on). 4.Comfy interior: everything inside the cab, except the roof, is covered with non-metallic material, which feels better when friving with first person, also the interior doesn't look wet inside while it's raining.
  2. Mudsox

    Fernway Hub

    Version 0.7.2


    Map has been discontinued. I kept it up to date here as long as I could but now the Steam Workshop is the new home of Fernway. See you all there!
  3. Cobes


    Version 1.0.0


    It's a Reliant.. Not very reliable, though. Why is it called that? Nevertheless, it has three wheels. Steam version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2580866409 Not a map; Contains only the .vox file for the vehicle and a .xml prefab. Insert it into any map you want. Use this as a base and make your own version if you want.
  4. diegogaming92


    Version 1.0.0


    Its a plane interior
  5. Version 0.5.2


    The P1000 RATTE The Ratte was a design for a 1000 Tonne tank designed by Germany during the second world war. This tank features: -2x functional 280mm (28cm) naval cannons. -8x functional Anti-Air guns on 4 turrets. -1x Anti-Tank gun. -6x Tracks. -2 × 24-cylinder marine diesel engines 12,000 to 13,000 kW (16,000 to 17,000 hp) -Very detailed interior. This tank was heavily based off a lot of google images and some 3d models. The wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landkreuzer_P._1000_Ratte helped a lot, not gonna lie. It helped to get the speed, crew count, sp
  6. Version 1.1.0


    I am added new vehicles to the ``Bridge Construction`` by Exeros: 1) Added a 10+ vehicles on map. 2) Working Crane! 3) M1 Tank (not working) 4) Added a polenov vehicle pack... HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS MAP?: 1) Download the ARCHIVE 2) Open ARCHIVE and COPY FOLDER WITH MAP 3) Paste COPIED FOLDER in Teardown >>> mods 4) Nice game)) Maded by KryzoDelux, original by Exeros
  7. KryzoDelux

    Boy (Map)

    Version 1.0.0


    THIS IS A MAP WITH BOYS MODELS AND PROPS, VEHICLES, BEAMS, CRANE AND PARTY! HOW TO INSTALL: 1) Download ARCHIVE with map 2) Copy folder with map 3) Drag or paste Folder with map to the TEARDOWN >>> mods 4) Nice game!)
  8. elboydo


    Version 2.0.0


    A full sized T72 tank with functional turret and working cannon. V0.5.1 reqiurements: AVF required: V0.5.1 INSTALL : Extract contents of T72 standalone and then copy the t72 standalone folder to your documents/teardown/mods folder load the map by selecting it in your mods folder and pressing play. pre 0.5 Install: A demo vehicle map is included, just backup your original create/ vehicle files then paste the vehicle.xml and vehicle folder into the create folder.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    There's no such word as bus-a-looey! This is a recreation of the Crazy Bus from the American-Canadian T.V. series, Arthur. This absolutely crazy bus includes an instance file. To put this in your map, copy the two folders in "main" and place them inside your map's "main" folder. In the map editor, make a new instance. In the node properties for the instance, under "file", locate the crazybus.xml file. It can be tricky to install vehicles if you aren't familiar with the process. In that case, leave a comment and ask for help. I, or other members of the community, will be more than ha
  10. Version 1.0


    KV2 V1.0 Features: --152mm howitzer go BOOM, high explosive. --Functional gun & turrent (Special thanks to @elboydo for the tank gun control scripts) --Turrent structure --gun fire sound effect --3 working hatches (may include engine hatches in the future) --Interior included(WIP, will add more in the future) To Install: 1. If you want the version that you can immediately play, backup the original"vehicle"folder and copy the "create" to Teardown game folder. 2. If you want to add this to your desired map: Please go to "KV2_Fi
  11. Version 1.1.0


    Here's my second car pack, this time beamNG.drive themed. It contains the following cars: -Gavril D-series D15 V8 4WD -Hirochi Sunburst rally gravel -Ibishu 200BX drift There's only three cars in the pack as it's an early work in progress more cars will be added but at a slower pace then my drift car pack when it released. This is because the vehicles in this pack have way more detail. Every car as the following features/details: -working doors (open when burst open) -opening hood -opening trunk/boot/tailgate -detailed engine -full interior
  12. Version 1.2


    Panzerkampfwagen IV type H V1.2 Girls und Panzer Special Edition New in V1.2: Updated to Tank gun control V2,thanks to @elboydo's increadible work. Added gun fire sound effect. Tank track fix Features: --Explosive ammo & fuel tank --Functional turrent with coax MG (scroll mouse weel down to switch fire mode) (Special thanks to elboydo for the tank gun control scripts) --Simulated real turrent structure --gun fire sound effect --3 working hatches (may include engine hatches in the future) --Interior included(will add more
  13. Version 2021.04.24


    TEARDOWN [EXPERIMENTAL] 0.7 ONLY! WILL NOT WORK ON THE STABLE BUILD! It's a Cloudbuster prototype. You can put it in your map but I don't blame you if you don't. It's a 3D converted model that's been edited by me and turned into a extremely large bubble wand. This mod contains a script folder that must be moved with the vehicle folder when adding this to your map. The vehicle node must be pasted inside the "glitter.lua" script node in the xml editor. Enjoy this whacked out vehicle.
  14. Version 1.50


    This will be continued HERE: Please Pick a Name's Vehicle Pack Vanilla SUV2, but cooler 3 files are same after extract Updated to use the new founded prefab instance system, for a cleaner looking XML file and potentially better support for future in-game object spawner guide for prefab instance install are inside readme.txt feel free to comment
  15. Version 1.0.1


    It's a gợlƒ cắrt́. Add it to your favourite map! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Download Gradstone Valley to get the map shown in the images, which includes multiple of these carts included with it. - To add this to a map of your choice, make a local copy of this mod and click on "Edit". - In the xml editor, right-click on the "cart" vehicle tag and click "copy". - In File, click "open". Go to the map's directory that you want this vehicle in, and load up its main.xml. - Once you're in your map's editor, you can make a new group in the scene called "Vehicles" (for simplicity, if it's
  16. Version 1.1


    Feel free to use any of these assets in your map without permission or credit!! This has a lot of stuff. Can download Day version or normal (night) Do not have to download both. First there is 1 parts and 2 parts. 1 Part spacemen are connected together while 2part (seen by a slight hole) Are disconnected. You can mix and match 2 part crewmates!! It also has some other custom variants with some vehicles When one of the supposed crewmates, who's mission would typically involve accomplishing a range of various tasks, is instead behoving in an anomalous manner more akin to
  17. Version 1.01


    Intrduction Yūdachi destroyer is the 4th Shiratsuyu class destroyer built for IJN. Properties(from Wikipedia): Name: Yūdachi 21/06/1936 ~ 13/11/1942 Length: 107.5m (water line) Speed: 34kn Armament: 5x12.7cm/50 Type3 naval guns 2x13.2mm AA guns 8x610mm torpedo tubes 16xdepth charges ##LATEST AVF mod required## FEATURES: #1 destroyer in Teardown(maybe?) Working 5x127mm gun Working doors(bridge and turrents for now) Working range finder(decoration purpose on
  18. Version 2.0


    My 1st Vehicle mod on this game Made in 4 days with love and affection highly detailed model, interior and some nice lights
  19. Version 1.1


    Made some smaller vehicles!!! tricks behind this: scale="..." in .xml
  20. Version 1.0.0


    The Combine Harvester, now in Teardown! Made by Blooping. I am working on adding motors to make the rotor spin.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This mod allows you to toggle any vehicle lights by pressing 'F'. From normal lights, extra strong lights to off. Simply add the extracted folder to: Documents/Teardown/mods. Then enable the mod from the mod menu ingame.
  22. EDcreative

    Narrow boats

    Version 1.0.2


    Cruise the cut.See the sights along the canal, pet the sheep and pigs while taking in the calm idyllic views.Custom made narrow boats, buildings, vehicles and more. Small updated version.
  23. Version 2.2


    Currently there's two cars, Saloon car floating based of flying delorean and a quadruple decker van with furniture. I am planning to add more cars, so follow this if you want to get notified. Hope fully more cars will be added such as a rocket car. The van has a pool and a jumping platform for it (no water though) and a bit of furniture (not a lot) You are free to use this vehicles in any map you want without any credit or permission needed (though you can @ me so I can see the mod) (PLEASE READ) In order to use the multidecker vans you need to have van1_yellow in your fo
  24. Version 1.1.5


    Gray Volvo 940. You can use it in your maps if you give me credit in the description. How to install: Put the Volvo 940 folder in the folder of the map you are going to put it into. Then using the editor right click scene, do new, instance, and then use the correct file by going to file in the properties tab and doing: MOD/Volvo 940/Volvo_940.xml. Once you do that and the vehicle appears place it wherever you please in your map and then do file and save on the top right.
  25. I've been working on my map and was wondering if there are any cranes. Whenever I tried using Teardown vehicle prefab cars they just crash the game however.
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