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Found 2 results

  1. cCheerSs

    Colt Python

    Version 1.0.0


    New model for the gun - Colt Python. Full metallic body with different color tones for every major part. Looks really well in-game. Check my profile for my other creations, comments and reviews are highly appreciated. Installation: Rename the file as gun or shotgun, depending on which one you want to replace. Move it to steamapps\common\Teardown\data\vox\tool and replace with original file. Always make backups of your original files!
  2. Version beta 0.1


    This is a python script that I wrote that allows you to save and load quicksaves. The process is pretty self explanatory and the program guides you through pretty well, but just make sure that when loading a save you first quicksave BEFORE you load the save and then you can load it in the program and then in the game. As of right now there is no ui, although I will most likely add it soon. Although the program gives you simple explanations, if you find yourself confused I recommend you read the READ.txt in the zip. How to install: 1. Extract the file anywhere you want.
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