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  1. Cobes


    Version 1.0.0


    It's a Reliant.. Not very reliable, though. Why is it called that? Nevertheless, it has three wheels. Steam version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2580866409 Not a map; Contains only the .vox file for the vehicle and a .xml prefab. Insert it into any map you want. Use this as a base and make your own version if you want.
  2. Cobes

    Gradstone Valley WIP

    Thanks. I remember placing every individual plant, tree, wall, road... took hours to do.
  3. This website will not let me post a map update due to some obvious broken glitchy stuff, but it's still being updated on Steam and Nexus Mods. For now, you can get the latest update from those places. Thanks all.
  4. Aw, still? Managing the lag in this map has been the recent bane of my existence. Either way, thanks for playing it.
  5. Cobes

    New update

    Right-click Teardown in Steam, choose properties, choose betas on the left-hand side, then choose "experimental - The latest features and fixes". Doing that will download the experimental version of Teardown which is on version 0.7. The one with the new campaign maps.
  6. OH I FORGOT TO MENTION AN IMPORTANT CHANGE TO THE EXPLOSION TIMER The timer was counting down from 96 seconds to 0 inside a tick function, but it is now counting up from 0 to 96 seconds inside an update function. This means that the timer is always going to be counting at a steady rate no matter what, and not at a rate relative to your framerate This should help with the players who were experiencing an issue with the explosion not going off when it should have at the appropriate time Players who didn't have this issue are unaffected by this update, so keep o
  7. Yes! A spent fuel pool with a crane is a great idea. I can make that a reality since it's been suggested before. Storage also noted 👍
  8. The HX trucks were greatly improved in the recent update. You can now steer right and they will actually turn right! 👍 I forgot to mention that in the update list so I'm putting it here.
    Best suck mod out there
  9. Cobes

    Gradstone Valley WIP

    I should probably mention that in the description lol
    This is good if you like Russian maps. I like Russian maps.
  10. Version 2021.04.24


    TEARDOWN [EXPERIMENTAL] 0.7 ONLY! WILL NOT WORK ON THE STABLE BUILD! It's a Cloudbuster prototype. You can put it in your map but I don't blame you if you don't. It's a 3D converted model that's been edited by me and turned into a extremely large bubble wand. This mod contains a script folder that must be moved with the vehicle folder when adding this to your map. The vehicle node must be pasted inside the "glitter.lua" script node in the xml editor. Enjoy this whacked out vehicle.
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