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  1. orcinus

    Aircraft Carrier

    Cant wait for plane mod to fly with
  2. crap i am totally wrong one of my maps wasnt working, this mod works fine
  3. @Joephes just salty that you have more points then him
  4. Both of you guys are kinda spamming the reviews to get top of the leaderboards.
  5. orcinus

    Chase Soldier

    Gonna make it walk eventually?
    Really great!, I have some suggestions, If possible, make the bat file automatically run, not that important, but would make it easier, second, maybe make the bat also be an installer so you just have to download it, put in the create and it will edit the menu lua to have your changes, this would make it more noob freindly. (i am a native english speaker just too lazy to make read nicely)
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