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  1. Turned out great! Glad to help in any way 😛 let me know if you ever are wanting to try to port over maps way bigger than this. There are ways of doing so, but it is a lot more work. For example I'm working on Blood Gulch from Halo, but to get it to scale I had to cut the model into 32 separate pieces in Blender and bake textures for each piece individually lol. It's a pain in the ass, but I think it's really cool to port maps from other games. Keep up the good work!


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    These look great! Did you convert these models or did you make them by hand yourself? Either way you did a good job. As someone who uploads giant models to destroy I deem these to be very fun to break 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Star Wars X-Wing

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    Model looks great! I noticed it doesn't have any textures though, if you have the original texture file we can collaborate and try to get the actual textures placed where they should be? 🙂 Of not no worries, just thought I'd offer my knowledge so far! Keep it up!

    Small construction site

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    I love the attention to detail, especially the rebar in the cement! I would love to see a fully furnished home and even this same house copied around in a little neighborhood pattern. It would be even more fun to destroy! I hope this received more updates, but it already looks great 🙂


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    Love this! I was going to import a bunch of other Pokemon models as well, namely from Smash Ultimate. Did you color this yourself or did you manage to get a working texture transfer working? Where did you get the base model from? Either way looks awesome 🙂

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