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    Beaver Creek from Halo CE

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    2 hours ago, xfreakazoidx said:

    Utterly destroyed the new version. No more bases... or walls...or anything. Surprisingly still got about 3-4fps.



    That's great haha, I didn't even try to destroy it to that level yet! You should've seen the performance drop when I had thicc ground and walls. My game straight up froze :')

    Beaver Creek from Halo CE

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    8 hours ago, oddohut said:

    would you mind discussing your conversion process like how did you color match the original map so well? the scale feels good too 


    I wouldn't mind at all. I was probably going to make a video about it anyways, because it is a VERY long process and kind of a pain in the ass lol. My discord name is Plastered_Crab#1070 if you wanna chat about it some time

    Evangelion Unit 02

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    43 minutes ago, tackepronouncedtack said:

    which eva is this? because from memory unit 02 was red and not quadrupedal

    This is the one from Breaking Dawn! I wish I could have specified when I first uploaded the file lol

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