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  1. is it mpe or did it break? (im asking cus im not sure if its broken or if other mods that i installed broke it.)
    BIGGEST. EXPLOSIONS. EVER. DESERVES 5 stars for beeing so fun, good and welmade (also a way to make teardown into a slideshow or a powerpoint XD)
  2. i can conclude when u download this mod you need to restart the game for it to work and OMG this mod is good
  3. OK NVM i restarted the game and tried in campaign it works im boutta try in sandbox now
  4. nvm i googled it ik now and like its fun n all but i dont notice a difference from this whit the click to explode vs just the click to explode
  5. im confused as to where the game directory is
  6. ima just backup my current save file, ill keep yall updated to see if it comes whit everything unlocked or not (i HOPE it does so i can combine it whit the "click to explode" mod which i absolutely love)
  7. if i replace my savefile, does yours come whit everything unlocked? or do i need to unlock everything again?
  8. How is the fact that you dont know how to download a file a reason to believe its stolen? the other map (the exact same as this one) is deleted for some reason. MEANING that THAT one was the stolen one (most likely) and if u view the creators profile u will find enough evidence that its actually his map.
  9. vuurkoning

    my house

    where do i put this so i can play on the map?????
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