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  1. Wow all I have to say is yes, I asked another modder if they could make this before but they been missing for a while now, guess when there back I can tell them nvm, gonna check out the mod now
  2. Yea I have that one but i keep getting an error telling me not supported version of the game
  3. Awesome map but how did you get the nuke mod to work?
  4. StrainZex


    This is actually pretty cool, I wanted to do this with my old HS but as a cod zombies map
    Amazing mod mate, love it, I would love to suggest some weapons to make like a halo weapon pack or doom and star wars but if you want to do your own thing no worries just keep up the amazing work, oh also I did a video on the mod along with other mods so yea great stuff can't wait to see what else you make.
  5. Duuuude super dope can't wait to try it and we officially have weapon mod support? Lets gooooooooooo
    Amazing work mate, I did a video on your mod I just have to say keep up the fantastic work your doing here, I can't wait to see what else you do with this mod and whatever future mods you have planned.
  6. So how do I get this to work? I installed the map, do I need to install the TNT mod as well cause I see it's already in the folder of the test map I think idk just the files match up to what's already in the TNT map folder.
  7. Some body watch my videos? haha no but anyways amazing work
    Amazing mod can't wait to you add more to it.
    Bruuuuh yes finally been waiting forever lets goooo
  8. This mad ladd at it again making dope mods, awesome work mate.
    New updated version looks good, if only we had fully working walkers this would be the best thing ever, oh and if someone could find that working snow speeder mod it would be perfect. . . also AI.
    Of course this drops after I finished my video and just uploaded it lol awesome stuff as always mate welp time to record.
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