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  1. Pawel

    mods are cool

    wtf is this put this all sh*t in zip or rar
  2. Pawel

    Gravity Gun

    can it be normal without "modding framework" just normal mod
  3. o thx for me 20 euro is so expensive in my country its lots of money so i dont will buy this game untill they relese multi or co-op for me this game is overpriced for that money i can buy GTA 5!
  4. and this thing only happens when im in excavator weird
  5. it just look like somethin is messed because i have boost in front of vehicle and i shoot from back XD
  6. For what teardown version is this mod because is gliched to me i have 0.5.3
    so op but why this mod dont work with speedometer
    To small adhesion. It's drifting to much XD Plis fix this
    Amazing this what i do in this map totally lag my computer😃
  7. Pawel

    Dig Site

    Good but this cause big lags XD😐
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