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  1. Sorry but zip archive is ~40 mb and rar is ~3mb so I choose rar
  2. Version 1.3


    You have two seconds to hide before UFO starts shooting! Modified Bluedrake42 UFO mod and Warrior fv512 by Hookens 👍 If someone knows how to edit scripts so UFO could detect player better I'd appreciate your help Installation: Unpack Russia_UFO folder (RAR archives can be unpacked with WinRAR or 7zip) Drop it into Teardown / mods Main menu > Mods > Russian_Winter_UFO > Play
  3. Just tried out on russian town map and it's super nice! Any ideas how to make UFO more durable, and more persuing ? and some how the UFO vox model can't have emissive voxels
  4. Version 1.7w


    New winter version of Russian Post Soviet Town map New Year Celebration edition Installation: Unzip Russia_Winter folder Drop it into Teardown / mods Main menu > Mods > Russian_Winter_Town > Play
    The Idea is very good! However you should better take my Map #2, because this russian map #1 is not destructable and just disappoints when u try to crush something. Map#2 is fully optimized. PS: I'm very happy to see that its possible to connect such huge vox map models, will try to explore your xml. Can u advice some tutorials on that?
    Very nice mod. Would be great if the damage radius could be controlled to make giant explosions
  5. Igor_Ai88

    The Block

    This smaller scale destruction works surprisingly good! No lags at all! Nice!
    Physics of the bridge is really impressive.
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