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  1. Currently optimizing Fernway. So far, it's a lot less laggy. 👌

  2. Thanks! It's going to be a lively area. The people in the apartments now have quick access to all the necessities!
  3. teardown_7XWd2rV7cV.thumb.png.1720b13bea439468ca69d32a5b474f9c.png

    I have a couple things in mind for expansion of Fernway...

  4. BUG UPDATE: I'm aware that the horizontal propane tank explodes the tree in the center and not the tank itself. This has already been fixed for the next update.
  5. I don't understand it either but apparently people have a preference. So now they have a choice I guess 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hey all. Hope you're dong well and keeping occupied!

  7. I will pack it into a .zip as well for the next update. 🙂
  8. Version 1.1.2


    Includes a .rar and a .zip. This is for those who prefer one over the other. You do not need to download both! This is unfinished and may be poorly optimized. Expect some lag on slow PCs. I will continue to improve it as I learn. Features: A bunch of floors and some decorations A somewhat working elevator (you'll need to stop it and open doors by yourself). Very durable vehicle (not original, but improved) Lots of joints/hinges to play with Lots of props to throw around New shops area - Still WIP To do: Decorate apartments F
    This map has come a long way. I expect lots more great things from you.
  9. Scripting is almost done for the ramp map.

    Learning as I go!



    Doesn't help that I slammed my finger in a door this morning, though...

  10. Teardown has been updated.

    I will eventually make more silly maps and such. Just can't be bothered to learn the new stuff at the moment.

  11. Mudsox

    Fun Ramp

    Version 2.2


    A ramp with a ball. Shoot the ball or press J to get it to fall and watch it roll down the ramp. You can replace the towers at the bottom with an object of your choosing. Use the map editor for this. Change the speed of the spinner with the "y" and "h" keys! NEW: Reset the ball to the top of the ramp with the "j" key! This map is for people who like gravity. Enjoy. 🙂
  12. Mudsox

    Some guy lol

    Version 1.0.0


    A full body scan of some dude. He's pretty huge. Yeah, I put it in maps. My bad. Although it might as well be its own map anyway.
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