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  1. after next update
  2. Version 1.0.0


    - 2,427,590 total voxels - 1999 voxels tall (~200m, real Eiffel tower is 330m) - split into 157 separate chunks to increase performance I would recommend getting the structural integrity mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2504969653 The best settings I found for the mod were: Dust amount: 0 (saves a lot of fps) Start destruction instantly on break?: Disabled Light: N/A Medium: N/A Hard: 1 The downside to setting Hard to 1 is that, when falling, the metal will crumble like a light material, therefore not being that rea
  3. I can in the next update, i wanted to keep the total # of voxels to a minimum for performance reasons
  4. Version 2.6.1


    Complete home featuring an entire framing structure, insulation, shingles, and siding! The framing was made as accurately as possible to real world wood framing techniques. The framework was done in SketchUp and converted to .vox. Everything else was done by me in Magicavoxel. There are two downloads, one is the actual map and the other is the .vox for whoever wants to edit the house. I am aware doors and furnishings still need to be added, in the future I might consider adding them. Beware LAG! I would recommend getting the performance mod and tweaking the fire sett
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