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    Playing this at 1 am alone is truly terrifying, the sounds and the loneliness just get to you, very well done I guess
    Can you remove the Q as a fire button? On my keyboard Q is walking left. Makes it unplayable
  1. Make it out of wood
    Great mod, however I own an AZERTY keyboard so Q is my walk left button, could you maybe switch up the keybindings or allow the user to set custom keybinds?
    Can you add a function to toggle between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards? I use azerty and it's annoying to have to press w to fly eventough my walk key is z
    Very useful, however I use an AZERTY keyboard and the sprint key is W, my walking key is Z, could you make an update that adds a settings menu where you can toggle the sprint key to be either W, Z. Maybe even let the user choose which key. Thanks
    Best mod in the whole entire game
  2. Version 1.6.0


    Timelapse of the building burning down: --HOW TO INSTALL--
    It looks really promising but sadly my computer currently sees it as a virus of sorts and does not want to run it.
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