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  1. blah Los Santos Muertos ► Background Video.mp4
  2. Yeah you can use this however you'd like. I'd love to see your army mod!
  3. Version 1.0.6


    A UFO modification. Thanks to @MyCresta for uploading his jetpack soldier mod, which helped me learn how the chopper function worked (which helped me create this mod.) New version includes a "death" feature which allows the player to "kill" the UFO after destroying a specific percentage of its structural integrity. This script will hopefully serve as a basis for future combat mods which include adversarial AI. Thanks to Nebur7420 and @MyCresta for help with scripting the structural integrity system.
  4. I already deleted the thumbnail for you.
  5. This is what an answer to a question looks like.
  6. There are many users on TeardownMods.com looking for help with installing modifications, creating modifications, or various Teardown related issues. Now you can ask the TeardownMods.com community for help. Visit the technical support section and ask a question. The best answer will be pinned to the top of each question submitted. Remember that standard community guidelines still apply to all questions asked!
  7. This is a download website. If you were making a video about his creation, that would be different. However since this is a download, and you are showing a picture of another creation that either you don't have permission to use... or that also isn't in the pack (if you removed it) then I would still ask you to change the thumbnail.
  8. Yeah @TreeBurgersYTI'm going to have to ask you to remove any pictures/media/etc of other people's creations. Please do this in the next 48 hours or we'll have to remove the mod.
  9. Do you have permission to use the human creation?
  10. Bluedrake42

    Pz. VII Maus

    Both of you stop it or I'll ban both of you. This is stupid.
    yes it does load... just get good at installing Teardown mods
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