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  1. Met152

    emerald pickaxe

    thank you so much; and yes it is plain and a beginner at voxel art, but im not a pro at voxel art. I just think of random crap and design it best i can. i tried to make it look like a minecraft pickaxe; but that failed of course. We'll see what comes to my brain in the future. 🙂 sneak peek: im gonna be posting a type of voxel notebook this month so get ready!
  2. Met152

    emerald pickaxe

    Version 1.0.0


    literally just an ugly pickaxe. here's how to install it:
    so cool. i guess so many creations are on steam workshop these days, that teardownmods.com will one day become useless. i guess i downloaded this fast enough that i got it off this website😅
  3. ok i was able to fix the crashing. Awesome work fragrantCat5525!
  4. Met152


    Version 1.0.0


    A Bed that I made. Includes a sign that says "Met" meaning that the map was built by me; Met152 and yes i also made this in a couple of minutes lol. just kidding. this actually took me like an hour lol.
  5. Met152


    Version 1.0.0


    i built this is a few minutes lol. its basically just a pyramid. Info: The pyramid is the size of the player Dimensions: Bottom of the pyramid is 40 voxels * 40 voxels Height is 40 voxels (the size of the player)
    Wish i could see the logo, but teardown crashes for me every time i try to go into the world. Can you fix it please?
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