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  1. No, I ment lags was not a problem, I thinik the whole destroyed gas station on Frustrum lags more than whole your map, really. About trees - I thought it was mistake, cause it looks like a raw terrain. I tried to make lags with grass - not really (maybe my PC just powerfuller a bit, idk really). And, thanks for some support)
  2. Lesnoy40rt77

    Fasibay Map

    If its sandbox why do i have limit of ammo?:( And, I was looking for easter eggs which there werent((
  3. 1. Trees are flying 2. Plz, add bigger excavator I destroyed EVERYTHING and had a little lags. Good work
  4. Also do a normal exit, plz
    YES! ITS A COUNTER STRIKE IN TEARDOWN! But, I have a problem - 2560x1080 monutor has a laggy scope (right side missind). Plz, try to fix it and add some more rooms.
    Its not mod, its xml & vox russian vehicles (author say so). May be for moders it will be needed, but for user - no.
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