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  1. O_ROBO


    you can add it to here
  2. O_ROBO


    could I make the interior
  3. O_ROBO

    HalfLife 1 Map WIP

    I did what you said the only thing is I am doing it in note pad would that not work
  4. O_ROBO

    HalfLife 1 Map WIP

    How do you use custom sfx I saw the ambiance thing and was wondering
  5. O_ROBO

    Oshkosh M-ATV

    um it is a map I have been working on and am wondering if I could put your model in it I will credit you in the discription
  6. O_ROBO

    MAZ 537

    this thing looks sooooooooooooooo cool
  7. O_ROBO

    Arsenal of Guns

    could you make a sniper rifle
  8. O_ROBO

    Oshkosh M-ATV

    Could I use this in my warzone map
  9. O_ROBO


    Big update coming soon👍
  10. O_ROBO


    when downloading go to top left corner and click allow mulitiple files then it should work
  11. O_ROBO


    I have been relasing lot of new updates to it so you might have a out dated map if you got it yesterday.
  12. O_ROBO

    Tiny House

    The house has a full enterior if you were wondering
  13. O_ROBO


    Version 2.1


    I am not done but I would like some feedback on how it is going. The tank was made by Hookins
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