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  1. Dude, not cool. You're a horrible person for stealing content. Just delete this...
  2. By the way, if you do incorporate my idea, it would be cool to add a crane attached to the ceiling
  3. I have an idea for the new building! You should use it for two things- A storage warehouse and a spent fuel pool.
  4. Uh this isn't a map, this is a mod for performance
  5. Rip i just realized that it's already on there
  6. Could you please add this file to the steam workshop?
  7. Cool! Best off-road course i've seen yet. I love how the roads are so slippery, they make it more realistic and challenging!
  8. I think you should add a bunker to your building. The real white house has one.
  9. New bug lol: Grass and dirt are clipping in areas of the map
  10. Also, after I tested it, I noticed that the car's wheels weren't aligned properly. Can you fix that?
  11. Same! I wanted some sort of off-road course, but I have no clue how to make one, and no one else made one. Maybe you could make it longer later?
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