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  1. Probably shouldn't call your vehicles copyrighted names.
  2. Jude Johnstone

    Tutorial map

    It was just a joke.
  3. Hi, Can I make some ragdolls to use in my map?
  4. Jude Johnstone

    Tutorial map

    Yeah 🙂 Now I can do that in 2 seconds
  5. Finally an actual mod to resurect the use of the blowtorch after crestas weapon pack
  6. Jude Johnstone

    Tutorial map

    im so dumb i need help so I downloaded this map 🙂
  7. Also , May I use some of your props in my upcoming Hospital map? I will give credit.
  8. Okay, Feel free to use Comms Jude Johnstone#3954
  9. Hi, If you want to add a hospital to your map I have some props you could use, Just saying.
  10. Version 1.1


    This is just a demo a full sandbox mode will come soon, also the building is edited to be the west wing of the hospital so the main map will way higher quality. Sorry for the low quality. You have no weapons and you wake up in a hospital that is on fire. You must use objects to break your way out of the hospital. Remember there will most likely be more quests like this so stay tuned! Sandbox Map coming very soon!
  11. I made something more nuclear than this lol an actual nuclear bomb.
  12. Version BETA 1


    This mod adds a map with custom bombs. A GTX 1070 TI+ is recommended for the bomb map. 1: White Propane (Water tank): No explosion 2: Green Propane: Explosion Power 0.5 3: Red Propane (Standard): Explosion Power 1 4: Blue Propane (Twice as powerful as red propane tank): Explosion Power 2 5: Orange Propane: Explosion Power 5 6: Nuclear Propane: Explosion Power 10 7: Alien Propane: Explosion Power 20 [MINOR LAG WARNING] 8: Vortex Propane: Explosion Power 50 [LAG WARNING] 9: 1940s Nuclear Bomb: Explosion Power 150 [MAJOR LAG WARNING] More bombs are coming soon. Feel free
    (I feel as if this project is in a stage of development where I can review it) A great remake of the White House. overall enjoyable map. Never gets old. If you have time this will be fun to play.
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