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    Great map! It feels so weird to be breaking voxels at the size. pairs super well with the floor is lava mod and I can see other mini game type mods working well with it too.
  1. It is now on this page.
  2. right now only on nexus, but I can upload here if you like.
  3. Version 1.2.1


    will be adding win/endgame soon... make sure to change the lava speed and other settings for your play style in options. I have also now added my Double Jump mod to this page as it is too small of a mod to post on its own. A game about getting up higher then the lava floor that is rising up to you. Played best on Hunted or sandbox mode. In Options you can set if objects float in lava (may lag if not on lee) and how fast the lava is. This mod works well with my Double Jump mod and Invincible mod.
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