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  1. I noticed, and haven't fixed it, it's so subtle and so cute when it happens. It looks like the one light is birthing the other. I'll fix it in the next one
    Pretty damn good, I get so sick of users like the other reviewers who review simply based on the fact that it's a little outdated and they might need to do some work to get it working. Pathetic. Great work.
  2. Supposedly it's reinforced with steel, but I can't say that I've ever actually tried. Do you know anyone who has? I'm going for realism, so if you know anyone who's thrown something at The White House, please let me know so I can account for structural integrity in my recreation.
  3. Do you mean the way I kind of extruded the pieces vertically instead of horizontally? I kind of like how it looks as-is, but will mess around with other ways of doing it to try to match it a bit more closely.
  4. I don't think I fully understand the question. Collision from what?
  5. Nice, hadn't seen these, they definitely help. I was initially off on a few things. I also know that I am off on landscaping; I believe there's about a 10-12 foot rise on the North side, which is the driveway. I'll work on these details next!
  6. Done - I did it by modelling the flag, as opposed to loading it in as an image, let me know what you think
    Awesome work, very thorough
  7. FYI, I ended up using this for one of my own mods, for better or worse.
    This looked like a lot of work, awesome job
  8. Version 1.2.14


    The White House Built using openly available floorplans, and from playing MW2, as realistically as possible/reasonable, given the smallest unit of measurement is a decimeter, and human beings have only so much free time in this world (and even less free time under communist regimes! Running You can just download-and-play, but the environment might look weird/rainy. I suggest clicking "edit", opening the "Layers" panel (Windows > Layers), and selecting only the environment you want. you can enable the "People" layer with any environment, but I don't recommend enabling multipl
    I tried to replace the little gnomes in my map with Barts, but it let to big performance problems :P
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