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  1. You have to find a vendor to buy one from I reckon, rip indeed
  2. Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there
  3. Yep, the project is pretty new. Updates are made pretty often, so be sure to check back frequently!
    You've found a way to bring 2 iconic and great game characteristics from totally different generations together in an amazing way, great work. Looking forward to seeing more!
  4. Mmmhmmm and if you download my map you can explore it in Teardown
  5. Hi all - I wanted to take note of a project that @Gabe Wehrle and I teamed up on. Our goal was to provide the amazing framework written by Gabe initially, in a re-usable way to the Teardown community, to make it much easier for modders to feature multiple weather environments in their maps. Today, we are announcing our first release, along with bootstrap instructions. The project is hosted on GitLab; please download the source code from there and follow the README instructions to easily get configurable environments into your map! Here's the link: https://gitlab.com/teardown-mods/teardown
  6. Sorry I took it that way, I just really did do a lot to rewrite the code, and it actually does work differently, so it almost came across like you want your name on the lua files I actually wrote, which doesn't seem right either. That being said, it was YOUR idea. I really just wanted to move us into a direction of offering the community here a way of achieving a good environment system, since I know Cobes spent a lot of time on managing various maps. I think if we can combine what we've done, we can save a lot more people a lot of time. What do you say we take the environment syst
  7. Hi Gabe, Thank you for the compliment, I guess. Though I assume since you also sent me a PM you're wanting to publicly shame me for "stealing your code" which I did not do. This is a mod website for a videogame. I don't consider any way content here can/should be monetized in any meaningful way, and everyone who does publish content should be doing so in good spirits, without an automatic sense of entitlement that there's an automatic copyright on everything they publish (and your code in particular had no license at the time that I saw the technique you are using). I understand and
  8. Feel free to use anything you'd like. The options.lua in particular has some really nice methods for binding UI components to the mod savegame state - I extracted them to common functions to make them easy to re-use and re-implement.
  9. I added the suggestion to make the windows pop - great idea, thank you. You really think I should take away the horizontal bar? I feel like it adds some needed variation, though I guess it isn't accurate, and my map description says I'm going for accuracy and realism...on the South side though, there are some slight vertical outcrops with the pillar-like headers, you can see them if you look closely.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A locking door with a motorized deadbolt and statuslights. It's used in my White House mod, but I am uploading it here as a re-usable prefab that is meant to be used as an easily placable asset within your maps. Statuslights: if the light is red, the door is closed and locked. If it's green, the door is unlocked. Red and green means the door is locked but open, and is trying to close. The deadbolt waits until the door is in position before closing. If the door is open and locked, it will attempt to wiggle itself into place to lock. Sometimes, you need to give it a little shove, but u
  11. Awesome work, did you do all this in MagicaVoxel?
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