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  1. Speedmos17


    It was suuuper fun to destroy and find all the easter eggs, also it kinda reminds me of my old school in mexico
  2. Hey @rat could you make the new design for the mall also available in sandbox? It would be greatly appreciated
    This map is one of my favorites, because there really isn't any other map like this on the whole site, and the quality is very good. Keep up the good work man!!
  3. Speedmos17

    The Junkyard

    i usually dont play in windowed mode but it was to take a screenshot
  4. Speedmos17

    The Junkyard

    basically everywhere, ill send screenshots
  5. Speedmos17

    The Junkyard

    I do have one concern, whenever i tear up the ground, i dont see like a dirt texture underneath, i just see the skybox and sometimes debris falls through, and i think if you could fix that, it would make the map just a tad better
  6. Speedmos17

    The Junkyard

    @BattleBob72 Absolutely love your map, since i am a big car enthusiast (and i also like destruction) Overall one of the best maps on the whole site
  7. Thank you for clearing that up, it fixed it right away. Also just wanted to say that your mod is probably my favorite teardown mod, thanks!
  8. Hi @MyCresta idk if im just doing something wrong in the installation process or anything but i have this problem where everytime i use the laser cutter it fires a regular bullet along with the laser, and if i use the guided missile it also fires a regular rocket from the rocket launcher, and i just wanted to ask if there's a fix for this
  9. Speedmos17

    Oppidum town

    Muy chido, nunca habia visto a alguien que hable español jugando a teardown!
  10. Try to use winRAR or 7-zip i've used both and they're pretty great
    Ten out of ten, one of the best maps i have played on, love shooting down the drones!
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