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    It's a bit laggy, but fun to destroy 😄
    This is something really unique! It's amazing!! 😀
    I always wanted to play this but it wasnt working, thank you for this!
  1. France

    Fernway Apartments

    That new building could be some sort of hospital, I haven't seen anyone make one yet here, it would be interasting having it 😄
    10000/10000 best thing ever
    I expected lag, but there wasn't any A very well made map, good job 😄
  2. France

    Fernway Apartments

    Arcades are so great 😄 I love the screens you added, very lovely job.
    Really well made ambulance 😄 I like how all the doors open & the sirens, I can see that a lot of work has been put into this. Also, thank you for the tutorial you made, without it i'd be lost 🙂
    My eyes can finnaly stop hating me now.
  3. France

    Fernway Apartments

    Lovely new update, the grocery shop is a nice touch and I cant wait to see what that area will become :D
    Amazing map, I love the built in machine gun
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