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  1. Nebur7420

    Better Chopper

    Nice job! I really like the changed you made and it really makes it a lot more intens than the normal chopper. I do recommend next time just zipping the file into a .zip so everyone can open it.
  2. Triple checked the files. it is not a trojan. Not sure why you would think that but your pc might be infected by something else if it sees this as a trojan.
    This mod is a big step towards the militarization of teardown! Could use a bit more optimization but overal a great mod!
  3. Hey good to see it works 🙂 I have an actual account now so thats also nice 😛
    Maybe a description of what the mod does would be nice. Does it just move the example mod Speedometer down a bit or does it do more?
  4. Version 1.0.1


    !!!This mod only works on the experimental version of the game!!! This mod is just a joke. It makes the speedometer that was added with the new experimental API go into the negative. Credit goes to: Original mod creator - Dennis Gustafsson GreatLordDax - Created the new Image Nebur7420 - removed 6 lines of code and put everything together. Instalation: put the NegativeSpeedometer in the teardown->mods folder
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